Data 2016 – 2017

Early Years:  70% achieved GLD.

Year 1 phonics: 25 pupils (83%) passed the phonics screening

Year 2 data:

Year 2 data

Year 6 data (after disapplication):

Year 6 data

Rest of School:

Rest of school data

Data Analysis – summer 2016


Pupil premium and non pupil premium comparison

KS2 results Reading Writing Maths SPAG
Pupil premium 76% 88% 94% 88%
Non Pupil premium 77% 85% 88% 92%


KS1 results Reading Writing Maths
Pupil premium 81% 75% 75%
Non Pupil premium 86% 71% 71%

Phonics screening result:- 87% 


Analysis of group comparisons:-

(The gaps between all groups is less than one point)

Points to note:-

  • The gap between pupil premium and non pupil premium pupils is very small.
  • There is a slight gap between pupil premium and non pupil premium pupils in Y3 for writing and maths – intervention groups will be put in place to address this in September.
  • There is more of a gap between boys and girls in Y2 – with boys outperforming girls – intervention groups to address this will be put in place in September.
  • Y4 data for boys and girls is skewed – 8 boys in Y4 and two of these are statemented.
  • Y1 girls’ progress is stronger than boys – the Y2 intervention teacher (Liz Michaels) will focus on boys.
  • The inclusion manager is to do a detailed audit to look at the difference in progress between the groups and will provide information on this in September, and the steps taken to address this.